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A Tack Room Healing Wonder!

Our Stable Care horse washes are made with 100% natural ingredients, containing no chemicals that strip away the skin's natural oils is available in a regular coat wash and a sensitive coat wash.

Natural Horse Wash
Natural Horse Wash with Neem Oil
Stable Care Sensitive Horse Wash
Sensitive Horse Wash with Argan Oil

Not only is Stable Care soap very effective for cleaning, but also moisturising and nourishing, thus assisting natural repair and healing of broken skin and coat.

One of the reasons I have created a safe, kind wash for the horse at Stable Care, is that I have observed many horses with various skin sensitivities after using various products that irritate their skin and at times cause bleeding and rawness from the nasty chemicals innocently used by their owners.   Once this happens pathogenic organisms can invade the broken skin causing further skin trauma to a horse, thus causing further irritability to an over sensitive horse.

Minimising potentially harmful chemicals can help improve the overall quality and health of your horse’s skin and coat.

The natural ingredients in our soaps are known to be antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal.

The cleansing and healing properties of the Stable Care are very beneficial and soothing to the skin, assisting with skin disorders such as mud fever, rain scald, and bacterial skin complaints.

Neem oil has a high fatty acid content.

Our wash nourishes naturally. One of its key properties is that it promotes and supports new hair growth.

Clients have reported it’s great for sweat itch, as it nourishes the skin, and helps eliminate flies.

Stable Care Natural Horse Wash with Neem is a tack room healing wonder.

It has worked very well on scurf and does a great job on flies and mites, as well as bacterial skin complaints.

A natural dirt wonder, leaving my horse's coat fresh, shiny, and healthy

Our earthy horsey clients say

"we love using a true natural quality ingredient horse wash"

Stable Care


Healthy horses and ponies have lustrous, gleaming coats. Try our Stable Care.

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