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Natural Folk Soap

Luxurious Tripled Milled Soap & Castile Liquid Wash

Our Natural Folk Soap & Washes are made with 100% natural ingredients, containing no chemicals that strip away the skin's natural oils.

Natural Folk Lavender Hand & Body Wash
Natural Folk Sensitive Hand & Body Wash with Argan oil
Natural Folk Regular Hand and Body Wash
Natural Folk Triple Milled Soap

Benefits of Naural Folk Soap and Wash

Natural Folk Soap is an eco-friendly, handcrafted soap with plant based oils, nutrient rich in vitamins and antioxidants, created simply to both safely clean, and maintain our natural oils. Natural Folk Soap has numerous benefits for well-being and health, and is suitable for all skin types. Naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that originated from the earth: Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts. Restore vital nutrients to your skin with our clever little bars that clean, hydrate and restore natural oils to protect and hydrate your skin. Our triple milled soap bars have very little water remaining, and with Manuka and Kanuka are antibacterial as well. They naturally have a rich lather, using coconut, and smell fresh and pure. NO harsh detergents, fillers, foaming agents, or synthetic perfumes. These can be very harmful to your health. Those of us who are sensitive ( most of us!), will feel and smell the difference. What goes on your body matters!

Natural, not Synthetic

Many people have had a bad experience and believe that their synthetic detergent bar soap is real natural soap. They do not strip the skin’s natural oils which would dry the skin and possibly contribute to irritated skin complaints and conditions. Our natural soaps are made with pure plant oils derived from nature, not perfumed, or fragrance oil.

Clean, Green and Local

Vegan. Not tested on animals. Our packaging components are chosen to have as little impact as possible on our environment. Selecting minimal packaging, such as using recyclable glass for the Liquid Washes, and exfoliating naturally with jute Loofah bags which are reusable and compostable, for the Natural Bar Soaps.

We are thoughtful of people's wishes to have a simple outlook on the world, by making it easy, and safe, go back to grassroots and nature.
Embrace the simple pleasure of bathing &
try our Natural Folk Soap.

I love using the bar soap. Transforms my dull and dry hair into healthy and silky.  It also lathers up so nicely, and smells great. Good job!

Beautiful smell, I use it everyday, as a human! Makes me feel so fresh and nurtured, will use this for life.

I bought one bar of Natural Folk Soap. It was that good, I placed a bulk order as I didn't want to run out.

Natural Folk
Soap & Body Wash


What goes on your body matters!

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