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Manuka Oil

Most commonly found throughout New Zealand is the native plant Leptospermum scoparium, simply known as Manuka. It looks like a small shrub with pointy leaves and has delicate small flowers both in white, and also sometimes pink. Our Manuka Oil is steamed distilled from the crushed foliage of the Manuka leaves and contains an antibiotic agent called Leptospermone which is claimed to have many medicinal properties. The oil is high in a group of “Terpenoid compounds” known as “Triketones” Here at Natures Wash we select manuka oil harvested from the Manuka trees growing on the East Coast. The Manuka Oil from this region has powerful “antimicrobial properties”. It is thought that these specific healing properties are due to the East Cape’s unique microclimate. The microclimate act as a sunscreen to protect the manuka trees. It’s believed that over time these sunscreen chemicals have evolved and these special sunscreen chemicals have a profound effect on the Manuka trees.

  • “From research and studies, we have found safe and natural beneficial therapeutic properties when using distilled oils harvested from East Cape Manuka.”
  • The Cawthron Institute tested East Cape manuka oil and concluded that ‘East Cape manuka oil was 20- 30 times more active than Australian tea tree oil for Gram-positive bacteria.( report, testing by Cawthron (Cooke and Cooke, 1994).
  • Harkenthal et al (1999) also found that manuka oil was more active than tea tree oil against Gram-positive bacteria.
  • It has also been confirmed that the East Cape oil is effective in combating bacteria including those associated with acne, foot, and body odour ( Crest report).
  • This manuka oil has also been shown to possess other biological activities: antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and anti-allergenic properties (Jacobs, 1998)

Note: Antibiotics and creams are generally used to clear up infections, but they aren’t as effective as they once were. Our continuing reliance on a narrow range of antibiotics to treat ailments has sadly seen the alarming rise of antibiotic resistance, This means the bacteria have become adaptable and changeable to the many antibiotics that are currently used for many health disorders.

With these rising concerns, I have chosen to use “The Manuka Therapeutic Oil” as I am a believer that every small conscious choice helps the good folk, our fur animals, and our great planet.

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