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Specializing in Safe Dog Essentials

Our love and passion for dogs has guided us to create a truly gentle, natural pure dog wash, worthy of our dogs is available for dogs with regular or sensitive coats or in a luxurious bar of triple milled soap bar.

Dog Wash with Manuka Kanuka Lavender Oils
Natural Dog Wash with Manuka, Kanuka, Lavender and Argan Oils
Sensitive Dog Wash with Argan Oil
Sensitive Dog Wash with Argan Oil
Triple Milled Soap Bar with Manuka Kanuka Lavender Oils
IBARK Natural French Milled Soap

People are Talking

"My dog has had no allergic reactions for the first time.
I've been waiting for a product like this"

Simple • Safe • Kind • Natural • Healthy

Our delicate blend of natural oils and minerals create a truly safe wash that restores the health whilst gently cleaning the skin of our dogs.

There are no synthetic ingredients such as detergents, preservatives or fragrances. There are no harmful chemicals, Parabens, laurel sulphates or palm oils. IBark is a clean product powered by nature only.

Our Dog Wash preserves the natural balance of oils found in your dogs coat. This keeps the skin calm and healthy after cleansing and leaves your pet with a clean, soft and lustrous coat. IBark dog wash also helps control: scratching, dry skin,  inflamation, bacterial, fungal and yeast infections, insect in-habitation and body odor.

IBark is safe to use on yourself and your other pets.

After using IBARK Natural Dog Wash

Margaret was thrilled and delighted that her much adored Springer Spaniel show dog, Clover, outshone and won the award for the “Best Coat” at the Auckland Dog Show in December 2020.

Dog Wash


Healthy dogs have lustrous, gleaming coats. Try our Dog Wash.

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Simple • Safe • Kind • Natural • Healthy

No Parabens, Sulphates or Synthetics. Created by Nature

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