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Nature's Wash
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Natural Ingredients &
Sustainable Harvesting are part of our company values.

Our packaging components are chosen to have as little impact on our environment as possible; selecting minimal packaging such as using recyclable glass, and free of carbons, using 100% jute bags which are reusable and compostable. All ingredients biodegrade into the ecosystem and don’t pollute our water supply. As the company continues to grow we remain committed to explore more ways to lessen the burden of waste, and reduce our footprints.

“100% natural soap.
made in New Zealand, using only premium quality, herbal botanical plant oils..”
Nature's Wash

Our Story

Est. 2016

The Natures Wash story was born back when Ellie was working with Dogs using the natural, kind method, more than twenty years ago. It was during this stage that Ellie began to research the different cleaning formulations sold commercially in pet shops, supermarkets and at the veterinarians.  After much trial and error with those products, and expensive vet bills, Ellie proceeded to search for a natural Castile soap formulation made simply, with only saponified oils.

 This was not a simple exercise.

Ellie’s clients would often ask how she kept her own dog, Sweep’s (a gentle and beautiful, tan and white bearded collie) coat so shiny and fresh smelling.

Ellie was sending friends and clients to a small home grown, country soap store to purchase natural Manuka soap for themselves and their dogs.

Unfortunately the soap store is now long gone.

Eighteen years later, after working with animals and plants, as well as people in the health industry, Ellie has decided to bring her own soaps to market and spread the good word around of healthy bathing and hand washing for everyone ! (Yes, I can hear a wee chuckle in the background, hehe.) Although, let me tell you, what goes on your skin really does matter!

After years of working as a registered community nurse and observing awful skin conditions, and seeing the same nasty skin ailments when working with animals, Ellie felt this was certainly the time to share her simple, safe and gentle soaps and washes made from pure botanical oils for those of us that care for our own bodies, those of our animals, and the environment we are all caretakers of .

Triple-milled soaps made with simple, pure ingredients, and natural liquid Castile washes made  from a blend of pure plant oils to create a smooth, creamy and luxurious lather that leaves your skin impressively fresh and clean.

All of our soaps contain olive oil, which is hydrating, moisturising and has natural properties for healing the skin. Most of our soaps are further enriched with argan oil, leaving your skin feeling extra soft, and nourished.

We do not use: artificial colors or fragrances, petrochemicals, synthetic foaming agents, detergents, or toxic preservatives. Instead, we use pure essential oils which not only hold an aroma of divine earth notes, but also have their own specific therapeutic properties.

It is crucial to us that our ingredients are sourced in a method which does not contribute negatively to their natural habitats.

Life is tough on our hands, especially now with all the additional washing and sanitising.  Keep them soft, moisturised and comfortable with our range of natural Hand and Body Soaps and Washes.

Your Hands, Body and Pets deserve no less.

Our Process

Our soap is “French milled”, or “triple milled”, and made right here in New Zealand.

The French milled or triple milled artisan process has long been considered a step above others in the terms of luxury soap products. Quite simply, a good triple milled soap will produce a consistently creamy, luxurious lather, and lasts much longer than non milled soaps. Also, because it’s texture is finer, triple milled soaps also feel smoother on the skin.

Step 1


Our soap begins with a process called saponification. This literally means “turning into soap” from the root word “sapo”, (Latin for soap).
Step 1

Step 2


Our soap is then run through specialized machinery to create  delicate silken ribbons of soap as fine as human hair. This is done multiple times. These delicate ribbons of soap are then very carefully heated and pressed into bars and naturally cooled.

Step 2

Step 3


The curing process removes any remaining traces of lye in the soap.

Step 3

Final Product

Natures Wash Soap

Our Soap is infused with all vegetable ingredients, and a natural earthy aroma from essential oils. It is:
  • Moisturizing and non-drying
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Gently cleansing and calming for dry and sensitive skins
Final Product
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

Just like Andy said; we too, are changing things ourselves – one soap bar at a time!

important things you should know about our soaps and washes

Questions And Answers

Why use natural soap as opposed to Commercial soap?

Most people do not realise there is a huge difference, and that what they generally consider to be soap, is actually not soap at all.
We believe soap is only as good as the ingredients used to make it.
Our soaps are nourishing, nutrient rich, and kind to you, your family, your animals, and our environment.

  • Inspired by nature we create unique varieties of soaps and washes, enhanced with pure botanical oils grown in New Zealand
  • Natures Wash soap is made with all natural ingredients
  • We do not use any nasty chemicals
  • Without the presence of harmful ingredients, the long term benefits of Natures Wash soap will far outweigh the price of cheaper alternatives
  • The gold seal standard for Natures Wash products is that we focus solely on quality ingredients which are safe for one and all.
  • Argan oils are rich with antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, Omega 6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. Research shows that when applied to the skin, these help ease inflammation while moisturising the skin, and promoting healthy skin and hair


Simple • Safe • Kind • Natural • Healthy

Is antibacterial soap better?

Commercial antibacterial soaps have added ingredients like triclosan and triclocarban. These are cheaply made from commercially manufactured chemical ingredients that are not natural and aren’t soap at all. There is some evidence that triclosan, triclocarban and other chemicals can disrupt hormone cycles and contribute to muscle weakness.
“Soap free” is made with synthetic surfactants, which are basically detergents. Studies have shown that antibacterial soaps are no more effective than regular soaps at removing bacteria. In fact the bacteria develop a resistance to these synthetic chemicals.
Commercial soaps, (which are not soap at all), use synthetic detergents that act as foam boosters or foaming agents to provide the copious amounts of suds and bubbles that consumers love.

Consumers may think antibacterial washes are more effective at preventing the spread of germs, but we have no scientific evidence that they are any better than plain soap and water,” FDA drug evaluation and research director Janet Woodcock said. “In fact, some data suggests that antibacterial ingredients may do more harm than good over the long-term.” [from 2016, RNZ]

In 2016 the FDA issued a ruling that antibacterial soaps are no longer allowed to be marketed to the public.

Hand Sanitisers also likely don’t remove harmful chemicals like pesticides or heavy metals, nor do sanitizers work on super dirty hands.

Washing hands with plain soap and water has been shown to reduce bacterial presence on hands by 82%. Handwashing with soap is by far the most effective way to keep harmful germs at bay.” Handwashing is like a do-it-yourself vaccine” according to the US. Center for Disease Control. Natural soap is a natural surfactant, and therefore no synthetic additives are required to create lather or clean. The naturally retained glycerine in handmade soap also helps create a lovely lather coupled with our coconut oil .
Minimise. Think twice. Why would you choose to buy and use unsafe, nasty chemicals on yourself and your family – which of course includes our beloved furry friends.

At this point, if you are in need of a Nerd fix click the plus sign.

Our Soap making process does not endanger any of our inhabitants or living systems.

The chemistry of how soap cleans.

Quite basically, soap cleans by acting as an emulsifier. It allows oil and water to mix so that the oily grime and bacteria can be removed during rinsing. Soap is formed of molecules with a “head” which likes water (hydrophilic), and a long chain which hates it (hydrophobic).


A soap molecule resembles a tadpole. It has both a head and a tail, or chain. The tail or chain is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t like water, instead it attaches to the dirt and grime.


At the other end of the soap, molecule remember that resembles a Tadpole is the head, It is hydrophilic meaning it is attracted to, and like water, and this is how the dirt on the soap molecule gets rinsed away.

Germs typically adhere to our skin by using sticky coatings on their exterior that can survive water.

Soapy water will cause the germs to slip off because they can no longer adhere. So while oil (which attracts dirt) doesn’t naturally mix with water, soap can suspend oil/dirt in such a way that it can be removed.

Soap is such an excellent cleanser because of its ability to act as both a surfactant (surface reacting agent), as well as an emulsifier, (lifting and suspending the dirt and bacteria), which all then gets washed away while rinsing with water.

They go into the soapy water, and down the drain. Doctors consider this superior to sanitizers (like alcohol gel or foam) because germs cannot survive a good washing, but small numbers of them can still survive, using sanitizers and disinfectants alone.

Further Reading

In chemistry, PH is a scale used to specify how acidic or alkaline a water-based solution is.

The pH scale specifies the acidity or alkaline level of a water solution from pH 0 to 14. pH 0 to 6 is acidic, pH 7 is neutral and pH 8 to 14 is alkaline.

For handmade soap, pH testing is important to know whether the soap is ready to use on skin.

The cleansing ability of handmade soap is always alkaline, with a safe range pH between 10 to 8 to use on skin. Anything above pH 11 is too harsh for skin and will cause irritations. Anything below pH8 is not possible for handmade soap, as its cleansing power has diminished.

The cleansing power will interchange with the moisturizing effect. So when the cleansing power is high, the moisturizing effect will be low, and vice versa.


Generally, extruded soap has a pH range of 8.0 – 10.0. However, while it is an important characteristic of a skincare item, pH does not have a direct relationship to how harsh or mild a product is. Natural Folk Soap is fortified with natural botanical oils, which replenish the skin’s inherent protective abilities. It has a mild pH of approximately 8.5


The skin has a barrier that is referred to as the acid mantle, which is a very thin, slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin that acts as a barrier to bacteria, viruses, environmental pollutants, and other potential contaminants.

A healthy acid mantle is made up of lipids, including ceramides and free fatty acids, which help to maintain the optimal amount of healthy bacteria and flora for skin to remain healthy, balanced, and protected.

The acid mantle can have a pH between 4.5 and 6.2, depending on factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, climate, and body part. Short term exposure to a slightly acidic or alkaline material, such as a natural botanical ingredient bar soap, does not harm the acid mantle.

Even if no soap is used to wash the skin, tap water alone will slightly impact the pH of the acid mantle. Healthy skin can rebalance its acid mantle in a matter of minutes.

It is long-term or prolonged exposure to a high pH product, such as a lotion or other leave-on product, that can cause damage and negatively affect the acid mantle.

The pH of Soap

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